The WEEP Program

The WEEP Program (Women Economic Empowering Program) is an initiative of the organization HEART. WEEP enable women and youth to improve their talents and skills by setting up workshops and training sessions. Provide women with an access to financial credit to run small businesses individually or as a group. Here you can find a document from HEART explaining the WEEP project.

Living positive Kenya is one of the centers who run the WEEP program. Our first WEEP group formed with 9 HIV+ women got graduated on October 2011, find more here. Currently we have another group of 9 women who will get graduated next year plus 4 new women who joined the group this month.

At the WEEP program the women also have different trainings from organizations like Aphia Plus, you can read about some of the trainings here.

You can become a donor or sponsor a woman and her family, sponsoring the building of a house can make a huge difference on a woman life as most of them have to struggle to pay their rents in the slum (around 7$ or less/month).


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