The Big Sister Project

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Living Positive Kenya is excited to announce the BIG SISTER PROJECT

The project aims to match young girls living in the slums of Ngong with two ‘mentors’: a local older girl (the ‘Big Sister’), preferably a a student, and a young sponsor abroad who will fulfill the financial part of the project by funding the education of the young girl.

In this way, several young girls living in poor conditions are guaranteed a better future. The project will start with 15 trios of mentees (young girls), mentors (local older girls), and sponsors (girls abroad).

The project concept document can be downloaded here. If you are interested in sponsoring a young girl and ensuring her continued education and safety, follow the link above or click here to access the profile pages of the girls. Donations are always welcome!

You can also check our brochure here and here.


  • To educate girls of young age, to equip them with knowledge and skills to lead a healthy and dignified life.
  • To build a strong relationship between the girls (i.e. mentees) and her ‘Big Sisters’ (i.e. mentors) (mental support).
  • To make the ‘Big Sister’ a role model for the young girls to emulate and to look up to.
  • To offer them protection against exportation and abuse.
  • To encourage the young girls to have dreams for their future.
  • To assure financial support by a sponsor (i.e. mentor 2) living abroad to give the girls a chance to escape their slum environment.
  • To give the girls an outside view of the world.


Overall Coordinator contacts:

Kristina Zimmer –

Barbora Kotrčová –

Mette Buiting –

Big Sister Coordinator contacts:

Jane Nyambura –

Rachel Wachira –

Living positive Kenya:

Mary Wanderi –

For Up to Date Information, Check Our Page on Facebook: The Big Sister Project


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