Experiences & Contact

If you are interested in pursuing an internship at Living Positive Kenya, you can read here more about our past and current interns’ experiences to learn more about the experience and have your queries answered by others who have worked with the organization before.

Current Interns:

Craig Mitchell (Mexico)
Sarah Guster Bøhler (Norway)
Isa Anna Nausthaug Jåtten (Norway)
Cecilie Marianne Andersen (Norway)
Julia Ramos (USA)
Taylor Parsigian (USA)
Teresa Jurado (Spain)


Past Interns:

Karla Torres (USA)
Joanna Newcome (USA)
Bianetth Valdez (USA)

Benilde Jurado

Melissa Nobile (Switzerland)

Daan Boermans (The Netherlands)

Mette Buiting (The Netherlands)

Camila Gomez Perales (Canada)

Maria Bordallo

Gilad Cohen

Shubhangi Faujdar

Abby Greenbloom

Melanie Harding

Tony Lasanowski

Allison Needham

Sara Amato

Sarah Johns

Shona Selby

Calvin Soh

Ewald Maas

Kate Walsh

Cathy Majtenji

Monica Niño



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