Mary Wanderi: Director and Founder

Felicity Koech: Accountant Assistant and Head Administrator

Felicity began studying social work at the Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development in 2007-2008. She later learned that she was more interested in financial management. In 2009, she began a training course called KATC in accounting.  During her training course, Felicity interned with the Living Positive Kenya organization. Upon finishing her training course, Felicity was hired as LPK’s assistant accountant in 2010. Felicity manages the organization’s financial accounts, she also works as head administrator. Felicity began social work because she was interested in helping the women and the children of the Ngong community. Now, even though she is an accountant, she prefers to work in community-based initiatives and that is why Living Positive Kenya is the perfect fit for her.

Carolyn Njange: Financial Adviser

Carolyn attended Vision Institute of Professionals from 1998-2005 earning her certificate through the Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) and later earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Kenyatta University. After graduating school, Carolyn worked at several NGOs: Trocaire in Nairobi, Jesuit Refugee Service in North Sudan, and Grace Africa in Nairobi. Then in 2009, Carolyn was hired as the Financial Adviser at Living Positive Kenya. She works as the overseer of the program’s accounts as well as the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program’s Microfinance Initiative. She trains the 12 women of the microfinance group in managing and saving their money.  Carolyn enjoys working here with LPK because she is able to interact and support the women. Carolyn really enjoys acting as their financial adviser because she knows the difference saving and managing money can make in their lives.

Lilian Ayodi: Senior Social Worker

Lilian studied at the Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development from 2003 to 2004. Lilian worked with Anita Home as the social worker and administrative assistant from 2003-2007. In 2007, Lilian left the Anita Home to volunteer with Living Positive from 2008-2009 as a social worker. In 2010, Lilian became the Senior Social Worker of Living Positive Kenya. As the Senior Social Worker, Lilian oversees all of the social work programs of LPK. She manages projects for both the women and children; however, Lilian’s focus is primarily on the 350 children who are a part of the program. Besides managing their social and health needs, Lilian also runs the OVC Support Group. Lilian really enjoys working with Living Positive Kenya because she is able to witness the miraculous change of the women and children she is working with. She strives to be the change agent for the women and children of LPK and feels she is constantly rewarded with the decisions made by the women to live positively.

Monica Karioki: Social Worker for the Women

Monica studied social work and community development at the Community Concerned Institute in 2000. She has previously worked with Afia2 Rift Valley for five years as a community health worker and an OVC field agent. In August of 2011, Monica was hired at Living Positive Kenya as the Lead Women’s Social Worker. At Living Positive, Monica councils the eighty women who are a part of the organization’s support center. She also focuses on any social and health needs of the women. Monica is their main support at Living Positive and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She knows that each woman needs a companion and a shoulder to cry on during hard times, and that’s why she is here.

Margaret Nzeri: WEEP Class Instructor

Margaret attended  Restore Hope Training Center to master tailoring and dressmaking in 2002. After graduating, Margaret worked at her aunt’s dressmaking shop and continued perfecting her skills as a tailor. Then in 2012, Margaret was hired as Living Positive Kenya’s lead tailoring and dressmaking teacher. She works directly with the women of LPK’s WEEP program. Margaret loves to see the progress her student’s achieve day after day and the favorite part of her job is to see the women able to independently work and create beautiful pieces of clothes!


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