Help Sophia.

This is Sophia Njagi, she is 47 years old.  Sophia has been a dedicated member of Living Positive Kenya and attending LPK’s support groups for the past 5 years.  Sophia has been living with HIV for 7 years now.  While fighting HIV, she’s also been a strong and a dedicated mother to her wonderful kids: Moses and Elizabeth.  Moses and Elizabeth both excel in school; Moses is at University, while Elizabeth is making her way through High School.  Sophia has been the cook at the Living Positive Kenya Intern House for the last 2 years.  Aside from her famous samosas, interns from around the world have raved about her caring, loving, and sweet soul. Sophia has a smile that lights up the room and takes her work very seriously.

Last month, doctors found a cancerous tumor in Sophia’s leg.  LPK was able to raise $230 to help Sophia through her first surgery.  Although Sophia was in a lot of pain, she came to work and kept her beautiful smile and great attitude. The doctors, as well as Sophia, believed the first surgery had done removed the cancer.  However, a few weeks later on a check up, the doctors found that the area was still cancerous.  Sophia, as well as the staff, women, and interns of LPK were struck very hard by this news. Sophia is a part of our family and it has been tough on everyone to learn about her cancer and her pain. This time, Sophia’s treatment to combat the cancer, will cost about $600. We ask all of our friends and family to help us raise the money for her surgery. Please help us to share Sophia’s story and to help this amazing women fight cancer.

Donations are welcomed:

Thank you,

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