Last october the first WEEP (Women Economic Empowerment program) class had their graduation. The WEEP project started in 2007 thanks to HEART which sponsored 5 HIV women who wanted to learn skills to start their own businesses and improve the lifes of their families. This year finally a group of 9 women had their graduation. You can read more about the WEEP program here.

It was a long way to get here, now we have 9 more women in the class who will graduate very soon and there will be a new group every year so more HIV+ women have the opportunity to learn new skills, from tailoring to beading and baking.

Before the graduation we help the women to create a business plan to see if they are ready to leave the class. After, with the help of HEART and other sponsors and donors we try to get for each one of the women a sewing machine, move them out of the slums or any other thing that can help with their businesses and lifes.

This year a new project has started, the Ngong WEEP Alumni Finance Trust (NWAFT) to keep the WEEP Alumni bonded and to have a financial base for their businesses, it will provide to its members trainings, opportunities, follow up and business counseling.

We are very proud of how the WEEP class has grown and it is incredible to see most of our graduated women are running their own business already and how different are their lifes now.

More pictures of the graduation in our facebook.

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